SNR Shipyard is capable of providing repair and maintenance services up to 13 different size of vessels simultaneously, having 2 floating docks, 3 piers and an extensive wharf area.

SNR Shipyard is based on one of the strategic locations and it is 56,4 km far away from European side airport (IST), it takes 70 min driving time and it is 16,6 km far away from Asian side airport (SAW), it takes 17 min driving time. The region is known with its marine operations; therefore the shipyard has a subcontractor network that is capable of meeting all kinds of demands from the ship-owners around the globe.

The safety culture of the shipyard is supported with the proven procedures ad this enabled SNR Shipyard to display a good occupational safety performance. We are happy to reflect this approach to our customers starting from the beginning until the period after the delivery of the vessel. In addition to the experience to manage our own designs, we have the facilities to provide services for wide range of overhauling services from emergency docking and conversion works.

Some of our customers are the Ministry of Defence and well known marine transporters as well as some Oil Companies and their subcontractors. Majority of our customers are loyal customers that appreciate the services provided by SNR Shipyard.

We focus exclusively on conversion projects with high technical standards, always seeking the technical challenge, as only then can we make the most of our strengths. Long term success in the conversion business requires specialized know-how, an important reason for this being that every type of ship has specific requirements. We have frequently provided convincing evidence of our absolute competence in this area with many projects involving passenger and Merchant ships, offshore units and naval vessels.

  • 6 pcs Compressor
  • 22 nozzles blasting capacity
  • 18 pcs paint pump
  • 18 pcs paint gun
  • 6 pcs Hydroblasting jets

Tower Cranes: 60t, 55t, 20t, 5tx2, 3tx3, 2tx3
Ganrty Cranes: 100+50t, 70+5t, 60+30t, 50+30t
Workshop Overhead Gantry Cranes: 32tx4, 10tx3, 5tx2, 3tx2, 2tx2
Mobil Cranes: 40tx2, 25tx2, 18t
Forklifts: 8t,7tx2, 5tx2, 3t
Chery Pickers: 4pcs

Some of our experiences are
  • Cement Carrier Conversion
  • Mid-Life Extension Modernisation
  • Double Hull Conversion
  • Live Stock Carrier Conversion
  • LPG-Chemical Dual Cargo Carrier Conversion

Total Shipyard Area: 51,000 m2
Total Enclosed Production Area: 14,400 m2
Main Administrative Building: 9 floors x 500 m2
Office Building no.1: 2 floors x 336 m2
Office Building no.2: 4 floors x 75 m2
Number of Slipways and dimensions: 5 pcs.
Slipway no.1: 130 m x 28 m
Slipway no.2: 110 m x 32 m
Slipway no.3: 80 m x 14 m
Slipway no.4: 65 m x 15 m
Slipway no.5: 60 m x 11 m
Number of Docks and capacity: 2 pcs.
Floating Dock no.1: 105 m x 21,5 m, 4,000 TLC
Floating Dock no.2: 138 m x 28,4 m, 7,000 TLC
Number of Piers and dimensions: 3 pcs.
Pier no.1: 100 m x 11,5 m
Pier no.2: 68 m x 4 m
Pier no.3: 95 m x 11,4 m
Quay Length: 300 m
CNC Cutting Machine: 2 pcs: 28 m x 8 m, 18 m x 7 m
Hydraulic Press Machine: 1 pc. 450 ton

Gantry Crane 180 tons
Covered Area 35.000 M2
Composite Superyachts 40m max
Total Area 95.000 M2
Stel Processing 15.000 tons per/y
Commercial Vessels 200m 50.000 DWT max
Slipway Length 80m msc